Detox & Spiritual Healing Retreat - 10 Days

This healing and detox journey is inspired by the Balinese way of life, balancing mind, body in direct contact with nature. It is located in Ubud area.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

You will discover some mother nature's secrets about natural medicine and remedies. If this is your interest, you can learn about how to take care of your beauty, youth, and health restoring your vitality through traditional rejuvenation knowledge.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

The Balinese have used during generations local plants and herbs that have many therapeutic purposes. The Balinese healers have kept this valuable information transmitting to their children and family.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

At their Laboratory, you can learn some of these secrets and wisdom to rejuvenate your body and mind. Using traditional ‘Usadha', herbal recipes, you can make your own home-made remedies that can be later on done at your own home too. Fresh plants and spices will be the main ingredients to create your own beauty products.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

If you would like to receive some extra treatments, you can arrange a meeting with a Chinese herbal medicine therapist and a homeopath on call.

In the laboratory, you can see how they blend the traditional home-made treatments and herbal remedies and might participant in one of their workshops taking place.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

This program takes place in one of the most exclusive luxury resorts of Bali. Its reduced number of rooms makes it an ideal place to find the privacy and intimacy necessary to fully enjoy this experience.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

The original suites are made with natural materials using the most creative Balinese designs following organic shapes of nature in the forms of sacred spirals and leaves. At the feet of a Sacred River while it carves its way through a valley, you would be hypnotize by the peaceful sounds of the forest and waterfalls.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

Each suite has an open veranda featuring a tropical lush garden and open-air bathtub made of stone with color therapy system, where you can relax and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

You will be pampered by their personnel, receiving exclusive, kind and personalized service.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

These beautiful rooms are ideal for an opening of unconscious healing, completing the total experience of this program.

Detox Spiritual Healing Retreat Bali

During these days, you will live the following experiences:

  • 10 Nights Accommodation in Luxury Natural-Eco Retreat in exclusive riverside suite Balinese Blessing Ceremonies and Rituals to purify, balance and regenerate body and mind

  • Raw living gourmet Cuisine and Healing meals and/or juicing

  • 1 Agni Hotra fire ceremony

  • 5 Yoga & Meditation sessions

  • 3 Colonic Hydrotherapy & Bath Rituals

  • 1 Healing Consultation

  • 2 Healing massages

  • 1 Water Healing Session

  • 1 Abdominal Massage

  • 1 Four Hands Massage

  • 2 Reflexology

  • 1 Embracing Technique / Somatic Therapy

  • 3 Bath Rituals

  • 2 Multidisciplinary session for inner strength and personal alignment

  • 1 Energy Healing

  • 2 Beauty Rituals

  • 1 Facial & Ear Candle therapy

  • 2 Healing Journeys

  • 1 Living Raw Food class training

Single occupancy $8850++/ person*
Double occupancy $7050++/ person*

*prices are per person and quoted in US Dollars and are subject to 21% government tax and service charge
Terms & conditions:
This retreat is available in 7, 10 & 14 stays.
Available for individuals, couples, families, organizations and companies.
The retreat restaurant offers vegan healing cuisine, a combination of raw living foods and healthy cooked dishes.
Please, note that this is a smoking free and alcohol free environment

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get more information or further details about this program

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