Health, Detox & Fitness Retreats

Whether through a personalized cleansing diet or the nutritionist advice, these experiences can be a before and after in your life.

Taking care of your mind and spirit is difficult if you are not physically strong and energetic. Often, poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle can steal your energy and vitality, making difficult to find a mind-body balance. Essential Retreat Organizer propose some programs that can help you to find that balance.

Maybe you want to take few days to follow a healthy and natural diet combined with specific exercises. Performing a detox and purifying retreat can be very beneficial to eliminate accumulated toxins in your body. A Juicing or Fasting Detox is also an option to cleanse. Whatever you decide, the goal is to help you adapt your lifestyle, including healthy habits according to your needs and preferences.


During and after this experience, you will be able to find out aspects of your personality that you did not know about, taking the time to explore your deepest emotions. And the best is that once it is finished, you'll feel more energetic and vital!

Most of these programs and wellness retreats incorporate activities that complement your experience: yoga, meditation, body treatments, excursions, etc....